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ConstructionVault allows you to quickly take care of administrative duties, so you can spend time building your business. Our service allows you to send invoices and estimates from the jobsite, truck, hotel or really anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

Get Paid Faster

"Net 30" is a thing of the past. With ConstructionVault, you get paid faster - in less than 2 business days in most cases. Don't wait until the end of the month to get your money. You have done the work and we get you your money fast.

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Track Products And Services - Hassle Free

Our smart system tracks items you enter into invoices and estimates, so you never have to repeat yourself. Enter a product or service one time, and it is at your finger tips for future invoices.

Watch Your Sales Pipeline

With a quick glance at your dashboard, you can monitor your business activity to gage upcoming projects, outstanding invoices and money you have recently collected.

Keep Your Clients Happy

No one wants an amateur working on their house. ConstructionVault makes your company look good by providing your customers with a professional invoice and a secure, easy payment option that works on any device.

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Stop Chasing Late Payments

Time is important. So why are you wasting yours tracking down customers that won't pay? With ConstructionVault, we send gentle reminders to your clients with overdue invoices. No hassle and no looking desperate. We make it automatic and easy.

Stay On Top Of Client Details

Keep your client list and their vital information in one location, where you can quickly find, edit and contact the right person.

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